1. Upload all the files to the directory. Remember to upload them to your web server in ascii mode

2. Chmod the folder on which the site is stored, template.php, pagemanager.php, bottom.php, comment.php, contemp.txt, gallery.php, gallerytemp.txt, left.php, news.php, newsnum.txt, newstemp.txt, right.php, top.php and the folder gallery to 777

3. Now in your browser open the file dbsettings.html and fill the required information to set the database

  • database name, username and password are usually given by your webhost
  • database hostname is almost always localhost
  • table prefix is used to add a prefix to the site tables, in that way the don't get mixed with other tables that you may have on the database
  • site administrator username and password are the ones that you use to use to login to the site administration

4. Follow the links. If everything is fine you should end up on the login page ready to enter.

A Content Management System (CMS) is an administrative software system allowing users, to update text and images on their web site. Most of the users often have no webmaster or HTML knowledge.

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