Virtual Public Relations through SEO

In the print media world, press releases have a short life span because they get displaced by updated news. But in the virtual world, things can be different if you want to make sure that effective coverage is met and remains high on the ranking level.

Keywords from a press release, for example, can be stored to prompt the various search engines to thrust the information forward when people search on the computer a certain piece of information.

Any time someone searches on, there will be an optimization opportunity that makes it easier for people to find what they’re looking for. This optimization opportunity is how SEO comes into play. You can tap into tools that monitor what people are searching on which can be very useful in optimizing news related content.

The result of the keyword research is to create a glossary of phrases. You can then leverage the glossary across communications. Let’s say you’re conducting an interview for a client and the company web site and press releases are already optimized for certain keywords. You can coach the client to use those keywords in the interview.

What happens a lot of times is that when that interview goes to print or even online, people remember the topics of the article but not necessarily the names of the companies involved. They’ll go to a search engine and search for those topics and when the company web site is properly optimized, it ranks highly for search phrases assembled from the article.

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